Address: 28 Davos St

Main Ridge, 3928


Just 3km south of Arthurs Seat, off Purves Road (opposite the Pig & Whistle tavern)


Melway Reference: 171 F8


Phone: (03) 5989 6208

Facebook: /DrumDrumFarm

Certified Australian  Demeter Biodynamic

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    Drum Drum Farm is

    NOT Pick Your Own

    Drum Drum Farm is a smoke free zone

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    Biodynamic Farming

    Demeter Biodynamic Agriculture is the most
    ecologically friendly method of farming


    Drum Drum Farm is certified Demeter Biodynamic, which means Jill and Rod Sanders carefully look after the microbial activity and health of the soil using only compost and other natural products. Drum Drum blueberries have no harmful chemicals used on or around the bushes to ensure that the fruit produced is as healthy and delicious as possible.

    Development of soil structure is fundamental to this method and the farmer must learn to think and work biologically. This is achieved by encouraging the naturally occuring microbes and fungii to build a healthy soil. No chemicals or artificial fertilizers are used. By focussing on creating a healthy layer of humus in the soil and good soil structure, the plant can then access all the required nutrients as it needs them giving superior quality and flavour to fruit.